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Up up and …where am I going again?!

So! This week- this coming Sunday, is the day! And things are happening now…

I just found out we’ll be doing a poi performance and the haka as New Zealand’s cultural contribution to the deal… all in black. How very… Wellingtonian we are! But black is also sort of our national colour too, ay? Or at least the colour of our sports teams…

And I went souvineer shopping today! And bought far more than I would ever buy for myself. It was brilliant. So now, we have all the last minute details…like where I am actually going when we get there.

You see, everyone’s split into different groups, and the groups will go to different places. We don’t know our groups yet 😛

Good times.

Counting and re-counting and miscounting down the days

Hi all! Without going into to much mumbojumbo about efficiency being a socially acceptable form of laziness, I present to you a tab which should give you my itinerary. Or at least the itinerary I have no idea how I myself fit into the scheme of things.


The login is jaofestival. And I’m going to Shizuoka :D.

Onwards and upwards and sideways and things!

So, the Japanese government decided to be awesome and include me in the advertising stunt of a lifetime ->

Really a new exchange program called JENESYS 2.0 (Japan-ASEAN-Oceanian Students & Youth Exchange Program). It’s specifically for people with an interest in Japan for whom the trip will be all first impressions -because the main requirement is not having been before! 

So I’ll be heading out on the 25th of May. I’d appreciate your prayers 🙂 Imagine! If at some point on this trip, someone heard a little bit about Christ that they wouldn’t have otherwise…international consequences! So it’d be utterly, utterly awesome if that could happen :D. 

More updates as more stuff happens 😀