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So today, I asked God for truth…

It’s amazing how out of everything I study, maths, of all things, elicits the greatest emotional response. SO today, I was feeling really really stupid. Not the “I made a silly mistake” kind, but the “I can’t believe I’m the only one who doesn’t get this and WHY does the lecturer keep looking at me?” kind. 

…In any case, I was shoving unjust accusations of stupidity down my own throat (who needs bullies when you can do it yourself?)…so l asked God to shine a bit of truth into my day:

About five minutes later, on the way home, I was marching up my hill when I saw the sky: dark clouds skudding past, and two clouds in lovely peach lit by the dying sun. They formed a picture: a bird flying out of two cupped hands. It was beautiful. And those hands were really realistic. I walked home a bit in awe.

And then I came home to a pile of Christian books on my bed. This was pretty fascinating, as my household’s not hugely Christ-friendly. Turns out they were set aside so as “not to brainwash anyone not already brainwashed”… so yeah. But they’re really good books! Solid teaching on the TRUTH. 🙂

God has a beautiful sense of irony.

A beautiful ability to use anything that is done-whether done well or badly, whether done for His son Jesus, or against him…for good.