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Bye bye Heda! I’ll miss you!

After breakfast on that insanely eventful morning, our bus took us to -the waterfront, where we used some really low-tech fishing rods to fish! Needless to say, I was very skilled at getting my line tangled in EVERYTHING, and eventually gave up on that. But because you don’t go fishing everyday, I went and learned how to unhook fish :). You can usually remove the hook in a smoothish motion, rather reminiscent of sewing. But some fish go and bite on in really awkward ways… The worst one somehow got it attached to its eye. I’m not sure how that worked, but I was just happy that I managed to unhook it without killing the little numpty. One girl actually managed to get an edible fish! About the size of my hand, and all grey and green it was too. One of the highlights of my trip came when the old guys who’d been coming to my rescue with tricky fish joked -through our translator- whether I’d consider moving to Heda and marrying one of the local boys! Heh. I really didn’t see that one coming. Oh, and we got to throw the dead fish to a seagull :D. Because some fish are really tricky to unhook or decide they’d much rather suffocate than stay still in your hands. The seagull was happy though.

…And then the local cop came by to say hi, and we were all well-informed of his single status :P. Well done, fishing uncles, well done.

And then a few farewells, as aunties from our respective minshiku came to see us off.

And so it was that around 10 am on that hot summer morning, we drove off, frantically chased by a local car carrying glasses that someone (not one of us, it turned out) had left on the fishing platform. And we drove towards Mt Fuji :).

Look for the cop in the photos!ImageImageImageImage

Our hands smelled like fish for hours :).