Radio silence (Drat!)

Good ol’ posts not sending -_-

In any case, Japan! I think I’ll do a series of posts…because one post would turn into a novel VERY quickly :).

So we were a little nervous the day we set out, with lovely wind gusts bending our lovely hardy Wellington trees, and flights either side of ours cancelled… But no, despite a little bit of delay, we got on the plane! And then the plane setting out swerved from side to side. It was wonderful ^^. Or terrifying. I had a brief moment of wondering if we’d just crash into the harbour before I entrusted my safety to God and got back to reading my book.

So because of our delay, we were late for our next flight-the flight to Hong Kong- except that because so many Wellingtonians were taking the HK flight, they held off departure for us! Hence getting to see Andrew for pretty well precisely 2 minutes before I had to sprint to the international terminal :P.

But hey! We got there! And it was an adventure! And it was really lovely to see someone up there looking out for us 🙂

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