Unsent letters

I’m a bit of a fan of letter-writing. So after “Up & Go” Student Life conference last year, I decided to write letters to the other girls in Wellington Student Life as a way of “catching up” but more importantly, encouraging them in their walk with God. Even girls I didn’t know so well.

Many of those letters never got sent.

The thing was, I could be meeting up with a person that day to give them the letter, or standing right in front of the postbox, or their letterbox, and start having these thoughts: “It won’t be relevant to them…they’ll just think it’s weird…it’s just going to offend them, saying that…it really doesn’t matter anyway…who do I think I am, saying things like that?…it’s just going to remind them of something they wanted to forget…what a load of rubbish, who’d want to read that… … …”. Not a few got scrapped at the writing pad!

And the thing was, that I don’t think like that. I may be a bit of a cautious person sometimes, but not so pessimistic and afraid.    So, not expecting them, l took these thoughts seriously.

Apart from on days when I didn’t. And I just went ahead and posted it, or embarrassedly handed it over.                                        But here’s the key thing!! : I noticed that the more doubtful I felt about a situation, or a piece of writing, or a letter of encouragement…then the more good it did! It was a direct correlation!! Interesting, huh?

So I know now…and, ironically, I am encouraged by this. The more doubt I feel, the more I grit my teeth and keep writing.

  • Because I know that the enemy doesn’t want glory to be given to God…so will try to stop this happening.
  • The enemy doesn’t want you to be encouraged, or your walk with God to be strengthened.
  • He doesn’t want people to hear about the Good News, or the hope we have!
  • He doesn’t want people to hear the truth!
  • And finally, he doesn’t want us to be happy.

So, there you go, spiritual warfare 101. And believe it or not, this is the tame stuff.

One thing you should know, is that no matter what, if you are glorifying God, if you are obeying God, if you are building the Kingdom of Heaven, is that there’s someone out there who doesn’t like that and will try to stop you. Be encouraged.

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