Onwards and upwards and sideways and things!

So, the Japanese government decided to be awesome and include me in the advertising stunt of a lifetime ->

Really a new exchange program called JENESYS 2.0 (Japan-ASEAN-Oceanian Students & Youth Exchange Program). It’s specifically for people with an interest in Japan for whom the trip will be all first impressions -because the main requirement is not having been before! 

So I’ll be heading out on the 25th of May. I’d appreciate your prayers 🙂 Imagine! If at some point on this trip, someone heard a little bit about Christ that they wouldn’t have otherwise…international consequences! So it’d be utterly, utterly awesome if that could happen :D. 

More updates as more stuff happens 😀

3 thoughts on “Onwards and upwards and sideways and things!

    1. Hi, my lecturer knows someone at the embassey :P. But seriously, it’s all sorted out through the Japanese embassey, so if you keep an eye on their website, I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw stuff about future JENEYSYS trips.

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