There is a picture I one day want someone to paint, in colour, for all to see.

The best I can do is paint it for you to imagine :).

Consider a rock, turquoise and spotted white, roughly squarish, about the size of your shoe. Seamlessly it fits together with others, each with different shapes, colours and sizes. Running your fingers between stones, there are no chinks, no grips, no footholds. Each stone fits perfectly here and only here, in this wall, this part of the building.

It is an old, yet timeless building. It has grace and character. It is beautiful.

Now look wider, and see that the building is filled with light! And the rocks filter the light, so the building is lit in some places more than others-simply as some gemstones are more opaque than others, and some more translucent. So the building is filled not only with light, but with light of all shades and all kinds. 🙂 It’s pretty.

And this building’s foundations dig deep into the hill on which it stands. Unchanging, solid, unshakeable.

Towers and turrets, domes and bridges and balconies, buttresses and windows- a bit over the top maybe, but it works. 😀 Don’t you love that? And at the highest point of the highest dome, there is a rock which holds that whole dome together- the cornerstone.

Now this building is the temple of God, his dwelling-place; that light, the Spirit of God, which floods the temple, and the cornerstone, our saviour, Jesus the Christ.

And we (Christians) are the rocks which make up this temple. We do not have to become uniform, clay, ugly. But God takes us and uses us as we are-with all our quirks and rough edges! And we each have an irreplaceable place in his plans!

->Ephesians 2:19-22

This is my picture. Can you paint it?

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