Something cool just happened, or rather, I just realised that something cool happened a while back. Somewhere mid-January I kind of drifted out of spending time hanging out with God. …which wasn’t so cool, ’cause even if I chatted to him every once in a while during the day, I’d traded in a good hangout over a hot chocolate for bumping into each other in the corridor. Not the best trade-off ever made.

But the cool thing in all this is that when I realised about the muck up, it wasn’t ’cause I felt I’d failed in some strange sense of obligation, or that I’d skipped something on my to do list…. I realised because I started missing God. I started missing Jesus, and practically jumping any time I saw a bible!

Cool,ね? It’s a bit of a silly example, but it’s an example of how God uses even our silliness, even our ridiculous humanity (and by that I mean mistake proneness) to work good in our lives. Maybe I would have started appreciating His word like that sometime anyway. Probably. But if He used my own negligence to make me value just a little more how much l need His input in my life…cool!

That is all.

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