The temptation to be “creative”

You see, having posted well, or semi-well crafted pieces of writing, I’m a little tempted to only post things that are similarly written. But that’s not what this blog is for! Occasionally I might come out with something good, but I meant for it to be a ramble in my mind, not a military march.

So I will blah. And my thoughts will be muddled. And I will not claim writing as a hobby, or announce with grandeur that I have a blog, that I’m good enough to have a blog, like a real writer…no.


I wonder if humanity is a language. If every human is a word, with its meaning worked out across the lifespan. If our relationships reveal the syntax. This person’s life is primarily of doing, so they are a verb! Or of being, so a noun. Or of revealing characteristics of others, so an adjective or adverb. And then, different groups of humans behave differently, so you’d get a different dialect of that same language, different jargons, or levels of formality. I wonder what I myself would mean.

Or perhaps humanity is a pattern of colours, with each person’s colour their personality and history, changing and deepening as they mature. And the colours you interact with would blend at the boundaries with yours. And so, the closer linked a group of people are, the more blended together, the less distinguishable the colours, althoug at the heart, they would each be unique…and then, the only sharply distinct colours would be the outcasts, the lonely, the hermits… But then, I wonder what the pattern as a whole would look like! Obviously I, as a part of that pattern, would be unable to see more than a part of it: but someone (sentient) on the outside could see it, and see what landscape it created.

I do wonder how I would change the colours around me. But then, I desire to see that landscape, which I blatantly cannot-nor would I understand it if I did see it. 


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