A name

To those who know me a bit, the Catherine could well be a bit confusing. You see, it’s a name I have only once in my life been called by, but it’s a name that stuck in my heart. I’ve even contemplated tattooing (well, getting tattooed) it’s meaning on my ring finger. That’s how much it means to me.

And what does it mean, you ask? Simply this: pure.

So like a stream of uncorrupted water I want my heart to be. I know it’s a bit to ask, but I’ve been asking a while…and the very asking, at least, has helped stave off some of the worst of what I might otherwise be dipping it into.

And I mean it! We dip our hearts, unrelentingly, unknowingly, unrepentantly, into the foulest muck everyday.

Any lie is a deviation, any broken promise a blemish worse than a physical scar. Any hurt we give to another person, poison not just to them, but to ourselves.

Our hearts grow calloused. Relationships suffer. We grow lonely, or disconnected inside. And at the end of the day, we fear death.

I know I can’ avoid that muck myself. I know I can’t wash myself clean of it. But what a friend I have in Jesus! That tattoo-physical, on my hand- would match the tattoo in my mind. “turn back to God. Wash yourself clean. Start over. Remember, He has already forgiven all…Catherine”.

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