I’m wondering…(finally gotten around to that, I see 😀 )… I’m wondering why people are so careful of offending others.  “Just don’t talk about religion. Or politics. Or climate change. Or anything that could possibly have a meaningful impact on another’s life”

That’s our culture, isn’t it? Very hands-off. I mean, there’s the odd occasion where it’s alright. At church, at home when there are no guests around and everyone agrees with you anyway. By yourself. But we’re so tentative about exploring these issues with strangers. And even more so with our friends.  And if it’s possible, even more so with our families.

I challenge you to challenge someone today. Don’t demand they change their views, or go around denouncing them, but engage someone in an exploration of something interesting.

Why are people afraid of death?

Why do people all dress the same even when there’s no uniform?

What does “friend” mean to you anyway?

Why is it so wrong to kill a small child, yet a socially acceptable thing to abort an unborn one?

What does procrastination reflect about your priorities?


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